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Lewis Mountain, NB
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Sauerkraut Salad
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Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake
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Country Ribs and Kraut
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Layered Ruben Spread
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Welcome to Lewis Mountain Fresh Farm

Lewis Mountain Fresh Farm is a small incorporated company that is owned and operated by the Lewis Family. Doug, Verna and Craig Lewis have been growing vegetables and making sauerkraut for over 30 years in the small community of Lewis Mountain, New Brunswick.

We are dedicated to producing the freshest, healthiest sauerkraut available. You can find our sauerkraut at Sobey's, Co-Op's, sausage vendors, Costco and local meat markets all over southern New Brunswick. Our sauerkraut is a combination of cabbage, salt and spring water mixed in precise amounts to ensure the best possible product. The salt acts as a trigger for a process known as lactic acid fermentation. It's this fermentation that changes the cabbage into sauerkraut and the acid that gives it a sour taste. To learn more about the fermentation and health benefits of sauerkraut click here. Our sauerkraut is hand made to ensure quality and consistency. It contains 8% of your daily intake of sodium compared to 11% and higher in competing brands our sauerkraut has the lowest sodium content we can find on the market.

We strive to grow and acquire the best tasting, freshest vegetables we can. Ranging from wild fiddleheads to cold storage vegetables such as squash and potatoes we supply our customers with healthy choices every day. Our vegetables are sold mainly at the Moncton Farmer's Market, to local restaurants and to our friends and neighbors. To learn more about what we can supply for you click here.

Remember, any phone call or email will be answered directly by me, Doug, my wife, Verna, or my son, Craig. We appreciate any and all comments or questions.

© 2009 Lewis Mountain Fresh Farm
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